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Jun 18, 2022Liked by Anna McMartin

This is indeed disappointing, and I hope not a retaliation for the negative press that Bethlihem College has received for their antiquated, unhelpful, and belligerent views on gender, relationships, and marriage.

Oddly enough I ran into an old school friend the other day who mentioned thier child was in the midst of transition. A challenging time for the family, and perhaps more so Dad, but he was working hard to get his head around having a second daughter... And is making sure things happen like a move to a new school (Otemoetai College,with its unisex toilets), guidence with a renowned specialist in the field of gender transition, and remembering that its OK to not always get it right... Afterall its not a journey of one.

Earlier this year I coached one of my staff through the journey of helping a 50 year old transgender woman find work. I cannot for a moment imagine the hurendously challenging journey she had been on, ultimately leading her, her anger, and health issues to our door. But Ive got to believe that her journey isn't (won't, and will never be) E's journey. The rainbow community have never been more visible, nor embraced. There is still much more road to travel, but surely, surely there is a sense that those who feel there is no place for them make up the minority. Or perhaps I'm painfully naive. I just cannot fathom what people who do not accept the rainbow community are so afraid of.


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